The 10 Most Expensive Muscle Cars Sold at Auction

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The 10 most expensive Muscle Cars is a pretty exclusive club as entry starts at about $1 million. Let’s see how high the prices go on these rare classics.

This list is all about muscle cars. While there’s not really a clear criteria for a car to be considered a Muscle Car, we’re going to go ahead and set our own rules. (Why? Because we can).

First, originally built by an American manufacturer (basically GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC) between 1964 (first GTO) until 1972 (final year before choking emissions controls). Modifications by a third party are allowed (i.e. Shelby, Yenko, etc.).

Second, the body is steel and there are are only two doors (not counting a hatchback as a door). There is room for four adults, or the car was designed to carry four adults and the particular model deleted the rear seat (like the AMX). Four door cars with high performance engines and modifications deserve their own category, it’s just that no one has come up with one yet.

Third, a Muscle Car is powered by an OHV V8 engine with a higher output than the same engine in its base model configuration.

Fourth, the car is intended for street use and carries full road equipment. Special version made for racers that deleted road equipment are race cars, not Muscle Cars.

So let’s go!

1971 Hemi ‘Cuda Convertible 4-Speed — $3,500,000

This particular 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible has earned the nickname as “The Holy Grail of Muscle Cars”. It is one of the 11 original Hemi Cuda convertibles from 1971 – the year of the fewest Hemi convertibles produced. It is also one of the two Hemi Cudas that were fitted with a four-speed transmission and Hurst shifter in the factory. It is the only original four-speed Hemi ‘Cuda, the other Hurst car runs but no longer carries its original engine or transmission. This ’71 ‘Cuda was purchased for $3.5 million at a 2014 Mecum auto auction. It is the highest price ever paid for any Muscle Car and the highest price ever paid for any Chrysler passenger vehicle.

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