The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Designed

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Every auto designer dreams of being remembered for creating a car that will be considered a work of art on four wheels. In the first part of the series, we showed you some stunning automobiles that will go down in history for their combination of beautiful form married to function. In creating these odes to automobile design, their designers have earned immortality as the creators of undeniable classics. Today, we will highlight five more of these works of perfection that have transcended mere function and become classics, in the second part of our series on the world’s most beautiful cars.




The Porsche Carrera GT, released in 2004, is a beauty from the digital age that pairs gorgeous styling with breathtaking performance. With its carbon fiber chassis and an open top, the Carrera GT stands out on the road.


Wing mirrors, low profile, and sharply sweeping curves define the outline of this beast. From the front, it is slender and low, flaring upwards and outwards as your eye follows the line of the vehicle towards the back. A high spoiler adds a visual accent while also giving the Carrera an impressive amount of downforce. Side air intake scoops behind each door providing visual appeal and air to the mid-mounted engine.

Inside, carbon fiber shells provide the seating, and two-toned leather accents envelop both seats. A layered instrument cluster is centered directly in front of the driver, helping the driver to control the 605 horsepower beauty produced by the Carrera’s 5.7-liter V-10 engine.

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