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The Rarest Cars Ever Produced by American Automakers

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To cover the costs associated with designing and producing cars, automakers must typically produce and sell thousands of vehicles. Sometimes, however, circumstances conspire to create rare vehicles. Automakers may create a special edition as a marketing ploy, and some combinations of options never catch on with buyers.

When production of these vehicles ends, they may become collector’s pieces. In this article, we’ll take a look at some rare vehicles that saw fewer than 20 units produced. Many of these cars are muscle cars; the prohibitively expensive premium engines that were offered for some of these vehicles scared off most buyers, causing manufacturers to limit production on these flashy models. Other cars were prototypes or concept cars that escaped destruction but never made it into mainstream production.



With its aggressive performance and styling to match, the GTO was an instant hit with drivers of the early 1960s. However, by the 1971 model year, the changing car market would signal the end of the GTO line. The Judge option package, introduced in 1969, gave demanding GTO drivers an extra burst of power for a car that already oozed power. With a musclebound silhouette, generous hood scoops and a wide profile, the GTO cut a distinctive profile on the freeway.

The Judge package took the styling up another notch, giving drivers rally wheels, psychedelic Judge decals and an airfoil to grab attention. Plush carpeting, simulated wood trim and rally-style instruments completed the interior package. In 1971, a brand-new GTO Judge convertible cost $4,071 from the dealer; today, you can expect to pay between $75,000 and $250,000 for one of these rare vehicles.

Engine: 7.4 liter V8 engine producing 335 horsepower
Powertrain: Three-speed manual transmission, four-speed manual transmission or three-speed automatic transmission.
Maximum Speed: 124 mph
0-60 mph time: 6.1 seconds

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